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  • Cory


  • Nicholas Taplin

    Nicholas Taplin

  • Luke Miner

    Luke Miner

    Mesopotamian Data Scientist and Economist who also writes fiction.

  • Tan Hao Hao

    Tan Hao Hao

    Music enthusiast, seeking music tech solutions with AI / ML.

  • Noah Chestnut

    Noah Chestnut

    Helped build the BuzzFeed News app (product lead), founded New Republic Labs and played a bit of left tackle in Middle School

  • Noelalben


  • James Gavaghan

    James Gavaghan

  • Brix Boston

    Brix Boston

    Professional musician and rapper side hustling as an amateur blogger. I write about Hip Hop, Music, Art and Technology. ◆ https://brix.hiphop

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